Nadine has literally changed my life. Before starting personal training, I was overweight, unhappy and had tried local exercise classes but never found something that really stuck. However, after biting the bullet and looking at personal training sessions as an investment in myself and my future I haven’t looked back. The sessions are always fun and tailored to areas you want to see improvement. In the 4 months I’ve been with Nadine my fitness levels and confidence have improved drastically whilst my dress size and weight have reduced too.



I had been a member of the gym for a year before signing up to train with Nadine. I had never liked exercise and never really pushed myself, but I was unhappy with my body and lacking in confidence. Nadine changed that for me; she created fun sessions that kept me on my toes, pushing and motivating me to do more than I could have ever done on my own. Now, I've become a gym bunny and actually miss it when I can't go! On top of that, I have seen such an amazing change in my body and I'm wearing clothes I wouldn't have done previously. It was a whole lifestyle and mindset change, and I couldn't have done it without Nadines encouragement and support.




I had never been inside a gym before, never done any kind of physical training. I was very nervous and self-conscious, but Nadine’s warm and friendly approach really set me at ease. In the 10 months I’ve been working with her I’ve gone from barely being able to walk uphill without stopping to rest to feeling strong, fit and capable. Nadine knows just when to push you to work your hardest and when you need to take it a bit easier. She helped me solve chronic pain in my hip that years of physio and stretching had barely affected. I feel great, and I’ve dropped two dress sizes too.



I had been using the gym for over a year but lost motivation in training, that is when i approached Nadine for help, she helped me get great results and i started to love training again. The sessions could be difficult but fun, she keeps you on your toes making sure you're putting in the effort. Along the course of training with Nadine i lost 1.5st and improved my overall fitness, while gaining so much knowledge as well which will help me in the future. I can't wait to book more sessions as my goals change to see what else i can achieve. Nadine isn't just a trainer by the end she feels like a friend helping you improve your life.

2 months
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10 weeks
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8 weeks

“I started training with Nadine to both improve my body confidence and my overall health. I could not have picked a better person. I wanted to tone up target areas of my body and with Nadine’s expertise I was able to carry out a plan that allowed me to achieve that goal. When I started my training my asthma was very bad; needing to use it sometimes 3 times a session but as the time went on my asthma and overall fitness levels improved massively to not needing my inhaler at all. The impact of Nadine’s PT sessions has been huge for me. I now feel so happy and confident with my body and I am much healthier. Thank you so much ❤️”

"Nadine is awesome! She is the best personal trainer I have had. She pushes me to do my best, and trains me hard! If you are in need of some serious ass kicking, with a smiling face and a helping hand to meet your fitness goals and improving your confidence, Nadine is the personal trainer for you! P.S her classes are amazing too!"

- Cherry

"I have only been doing personal training sessions with Nadine for the past 7 weeks but my fitness levels have already improved drastically. The sessions are always fun and she pushes you just the right amount. I can't wait to see what progress we make in the future."

- Chantelle

"I really highly recommend Nadine's personal training sessions to anyone at any fitness level. I was really lacking in knowledge and confidence when I started with Nadine, but she taught me so many new and versatile exercises that I can incorporate into workout routines from home. As some other reviews have mentioned, Nadine helps to push you beyond what you think your limit is and I really felt my determination grow while I was with her. Even with a few injuries/aches and pains, Nadine was able to adapt exercises to suit me and she tailored each training session accordingly. I'm really grateful for all of her help over the past few months! Plus, she's just such a lovely person to be around. Thanks Nadine!"

- Meghann

"I’ve done 18 sessions with Nadine and I am looking forward to doing more with her. She is a fantastic personal instructor very professional and always gives me good advice of both my body strength and diet. When I first joined the session I couldn’t afford any dumbbells now it is not that difficult for me to hold 4s. It is a really good improvement which means I could hold more bags when I go shopping next time!"


"Last year I have been to a lot of Nadine’s classes and they have been the most amazing classes I have been to. Always pushing you in the right ways. Thanks to the classes I’ve been in the best shape of my life!"


"I am becoming a regular at Nadine's classes, and that is testament to her fun personality, the right amount of pushing to keep going, and excellent advise. I've never hurt so much, but in a good way! Highly recommended!"

-Becky W