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Fitness Classes

Friend group training

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Are you and a couple of friends wanting to get in shape together, I can start your own personal bespoke classes to get you in shape for any occasion. Send me a message and I will get back to you!


Available to cover

A range of different exercises arranged in a circuit form (can have 4-8 exercises per circuit - dependent on the amount of participants and exercises based on participants goals on a whole). Exercises can differ between cardio, weights, and body weight methods, with different pieces of kit being used!

Absolute Abs

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Do you have poor core strength or core stability, love handles and want to tone up areas of the stomach, hips and sides? This is a class that uses different techniques and movements to keep the body guessing and take it out of the comfort zone to get the core stength improved and after some time and practice show off some tone! Works from the pelvic floor, abdominals and obliques to give the ultimate workout. For all fitness levels, this class is a perfect tool to educate what exercises work the best!

Full Body Works

Available to cover

Lifting weights does not make you look bulky, it makes you look great and aids massively in the process of weight loss and tone! This class is the one you need per week of training upper body isn’t your favourite preference! We work legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders. We target mainly the upper body, and end with a 4 minute HIIT burnout finisher - 20 seconds of cardio 10 seconds of rest, then we stretch! Such a fun way to train the entire body mixing weight training with HIIT/cardio for those extra few calories burnt

Legs & Bums

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Working on the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calves, to burn fat and tone them up. We use a range of weights, body weight, resistance bands and floor work to get maximum results - however if you are new, no equipment is necessary till your technique is on point!

Body Pump

Available to cover


Famously followed Les Mills choreography based class. That works to whole body using weight training methods and different tempos. In order, we work the legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders and core.


Available to cover


A cardio-based class that uses the spin bike, different tempos and motivational up-beat music. Be prepared to sweat and burn at least 300-350 calories! 


See Snap Fitness Timetable


High Intensity Interval Training bought to you to burn as many calories as possible. We use a variety of weight based, bodyweight and floor based exercises in an intense form. This class is added onto my Absolute Abs to give the best workout possible.

Ultimate bands

See Snap Fitness Timetable


A class that uses resistance bands for the ultimate booty burn. I have light, medium and heavy resistance weight bands available to use, so this class is great for all abilities. We target the inner/outer thighs and glutes, with the loop adding resistance I will assist you in 'feeling it' in the right places!

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