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Hey I am Nadine, a Personal Trainer based in Snap Fitness gym in Lancaster. I can also do personal training in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Galgate, Caton and Halton.

I use my Personal Training to really educate my clients to execute only the safest technique, weights and exercises. I work with a variety of people with individual needs such as correcting posture, improving technique, education into making your workouts harder for those regular gym goers, to loose weight or how to build your muscle, and nutritional advice. I am experienced to structure my sessions to your individual needs, personal training is a safe guide and not something to be put off by.


I have been involved in all things fitness since I was 17. I started as a Fitness Apprentice working toward my Exercise to Music Level 2. Once qualified, I went on to work on the reception of the gym increasing my knowledge of operations; I became more career focused and at 19 as I worked hard to become a Duty Manager of the club, at the same time I covered classes in the gym and trained toward my Personal Training Level 3. Currently, I have 6 years of experience working in a gym and with clients.


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weight loss


Emma got in touch with me to assist her with her weight loss and is down from 111KG to 103KG.

Emma is following my nutritional advice and we see each other 2 times per week, I have given her guidance on what to do outside of our sessions so she really gets the most out of her training with me.


Chan started with Slimming World and came to me when she stopped seeing results, we then dropped 3 dress sizes for her friends wedding, we are now aiming for the graduation in 2019. This did not happen in a month, this took some serious hard and determination from Chantelle, and her mindset is inspiring.

Chantelle has now scrapped SW and is following my bespoke nutritional plan, nothing but whole-foods and we see each other 2-3 times per week, I have given her guidance on what to do outside of our sessions so she really gets the most out of her training with me.

Muscle Building


Eric trained with me 4 times per week for a term of his university (10 weeks), he followed a strict nutrition plan and supplements, which is shown in the pictures of how much this changed his body.


My client here came to me for educational purposes with little-to-no knowledge about a gym. He has learnt perfect technique, what to train, all about his nutrition and what supplements to take. I showed him different training methods including HIIT to fat burn, and general muscle building techniques and we drastically improved his strength by upping the weights.

He wanted to loose fat and build muscle, this was done with a bespoke strict diet plan and training 3-4 times per week, we worked together for 12 weeks, we were ready for Creamfields 18! 

We lost 1 stone in 6 weeks, which is amazing as this shows that he really stuck to his diet, in the next month the muscle building really shone as we overall lost 5kg.


Improve fitness

Other goals


Tone up

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