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group training


I have previously ran 'Glute Camp' which was 2 classes per week of small groups.

I am now wanting to build on that and run a group which train together for 3 times per week. Not only will this be highly motivating but it will be more inclined for you to get the best results, and creating a friendly and fun environment to release some stress and work hard.

You will be in a group of up to 8 individuals. All fitness types are welcome, so if you feel as though you are weak or a complete beginner to the gym - do not worry at all!

As this will be including others, this course is really affordable in comparison to my 1-2-1 personal training sessions as you will be working as a team! So, if you want a Personal Trainer without the high price, this will be perfect for you! 

What will i take away from this?

This course will aid in and benefit:

🍉Exercises to hit all muscle groups

🍉Education on how to activate your Glute muscles if you usually find it hard to feel them working, or you are quad/ham dominant

🍉Learn all about compound movements using your core

🍉Learn perfect technique and how to complete moves such as: squats, lunges, deadlifts (varied), hip thrust, SAFELY

🍉Learn different types of training methods
🍉Learn new ideas of what to do in your own workouts

🍉A mixture of resistance band training methods, body weight exercises and strength training.

🍉Fat loss, toning of the body

🍉 Build your fitness levels


This course includes


🍉 3 x 45 minute personal training sessions with myself, renews after 4 weeks. Total of 12 sessions.

🍉Day 1: Glute Camp

🍉Day 2: Core conditioning and HIIT (high intensity interval training)

🍉Day 3: Upper body shred

🍉 A Facebook group to connect with those of the group

🍉 Written Programme posted to the FB group per session

🍉Nutritional advice

🍉What to do outside of the sessions

🍉A pack of 3 resistance bands for our sessions and for personal use

what they said


I had literally zero experience in a gym so I thought it would be a good starting point. And it definitely was! I've learnt how to do exercises the right way so after every session I could FEEL the workout in my glutes and thighs, and I've become more familiar with gym equipment. It's brought me so much confidence that now I feel I can actually walk in a gym without feeling nervous! Would definitely recommend the Glute Camp both for complete beginners and for more experienced people. You'll feel the burn whatever your level!


Glute Camp in two words "Absolutely Fabulous"! Nadine has the experience and knowledge to assist you in getting a firm uplifted derriere! 

You have to commit to this service to gain the best results. Come on never mind sitting like a couch potato you can all do this!

slots available

Please enquire to find out details of the sessions

Thanks! Message sent.

Terms of service

*Full payment to be received 1 week before start date

*Set slots every week for your group

*No refunds for missed sessions
*No sessions can be rescheduled due to the nature of this programme if they are missed or you cannot make it for one certain day that you agreed on

*Based at Snap Fitness gym in Lancaster

*Do not come to session without having something to eat during the day
*Always bring water to each session

*Inform Nadine of any illness/injury below first.

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